Our services are extremely flexible. We are able to handle a very wide range of projects, some recent examples of which are shown here.

We are always happy to discuss possible jobs or projects. Please contact us if you think we may be able to help you.

Wharfage Facilities

We have extensive wharf facilities, and can lift and store boats up to 8 tons. We have various fishing boats, barges and cruisers alongside through out the year. On the wharf there is water and electricity and diesel fuel available.

Launch And Boat Hire

We have several workboats available fo hire. We run stores to ships in the estuary, support crew changes, and run surveyors out to inspect damage or cargo. We recently took part in running agents and surveyors to a ship that had collided with and sunk four barges that had broken away. We often take TV crews out to film events in the Thames Estuary. For example we worked for Sky TV to get footage of a whale stranded in the Thames.

Barge Rental Service

We have two barges, both PLA registered. One is decked out with scaffolding and is used in the autumn/winter months for fireworks for the council and traders. They can also be used for storage or hired. They are insured for third party risks up to £5,000,000.

Mooring Provision

We have deep water and mud moorings to rent, and have many ships anchors and heavy chain that we lay for barge moorings. We stock heavy chain and lay and dig moorings for yachts, fisherman, local council etc. We service moorings for the Council, and the RNLI.

Salvage Operations

imageOver the years we have salvaged many boats for insurance companies and boat owners. We use lifting equipment, work boats and occasionally divers to recover vessels. Salvaging does not always mean recovering a wreck. Many boats that we recover are repairable and the utmost care is taken not to cause any further damage during recovery. We have even recovered motor vehicles!