This page shows examples of some of the work we carry out.

If a job is marine based, there is a good chance that we can do it.

Please call us to discuss possible projects.

This MoD target barge was sunk in the mud and would not refloat. We were asked to survey it to assess the damage and see if it could be repaired/refloated. We put 4 salvage pumps aboard and welded plates over the major holes in the hull. We managed to float it on the incoming tide and pulled it out of its hole with our workboat to assess the remaining damage. Due to a large split in the stern it was deemed impracticable to repair so we agreed to scrap it.

We provided a launch and fendering service to three ships anchored in the Thames estuary to facilitate the transfer of mineral oil. We set up and craned the fenders into the water and towed them to the anchorage, where we put them in place alonside the mothership. Throughout the month-long project we provided launch services to these ships; including crew changes, stores transfers, and transport for Lloyds and MCA surveyors.

This sort of launch service is typical of the support we can offer. We can operate from Southend Pier or Sheerness 24 hours a day 7 days a year.

We are regularly contracted to work with TV crews when an incident occurs in the Thames, such as live coverage of the Southend Pier fire, observing wayward whales, or the detonation of mines by the MoD.
We have provided support services to Television productions such as "Just Good Friends" and "Waking the Dead" as well as launch services for Sky News, BBC News and GMTV.