We have a wide range of resources available to us, not least of which is our very versatile fleet of launches and workboats. These boats are used to support our operations in the Thames Estuary and are available for charter by customers.






Tosca is a MCA coded fast 34 foot boat capable of over 20 knots. We service ships in the estuary with the Tosca and often carry out survey work. Tosca is often chartered by companies for work in the estuary. For example; we were contracted by Sky TV to take them down river with a stranded whale until he could be released; which should have been off of Brighton. Unfortunately he passed away before he could be released in safe clear water.

Seacraft Flower

The Seacraft Flower is a MCA coded boat. She has proved herself on many occasions. She has a sealed deck and a towing bollard. We tow/push barges and boats with her, recover boats from beaches, run stores to ships and use her for safety boat work. She is versatile and well proven in the estuary.


The Monarch is wooden clinker built work horse. This boat used to run the tug crews from Gravesend. She is an open boat, very powerful and will pull and pull. She has recovered the majority of boats that have gone up the beaches in our area, and has proved useful in safety boat work. We have worked underneath Southend Pier with her. She has also been used for work with film crews.


Bounty is a work boat or fishing boat with a winch capable of lifting 1 tonne. It is used for running stores to ships, survey work towing and salvage etc.

Ribbed Inflatables

Great for safety boat work, easy to lift. Can be lifted on board barges and work boats and housed as a safety boat and launched when required.